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Blog Tour: Fated by Joanne Kershaw

"No matter the cost, someone must defeat the darkness."

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Elora’s quad leader
He has a little bit of a crush on her (okay, a big crush!), but he’s professional enough to not let it interfere while she is his subordinate. He’s a big softy at heart. Marcus is driven by the work, and takes losses personally. His quiet and calm demeanour means that he counterbalances the craziness inside Elora’s head and it allows her to do her job properly.
Plus, he’s hot, which helps!

Elora’s new quadmate.
Clara is determined to be the best Vanguard she can be. Like Elora, she has familial expectation to live up to, and she has requested a challenging assignment to allow her to do that. She is an open book for Elora, and they have a lot in common.

Another of Elora’s new quadmates! Patrick seems to have a lot on his plate and Elora often wonders if there isn’t something else going on. He’s the strong, silent type, but he has the best interests of his team at heart. A real man’s man, Patrick can be counted on to make the tough decisions.


Elora’s new Vanguard Superior. He can’t replace the man she lost in the past, but he does a pretty good job! Of course, it turns out that he has a history with her mother, because which Vanguard doesn’t have a relationship with Nina? Right?

Elora looks just like she does on the covers of the books, because no other person can do that now!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Book Tour: Fatal Obsession by Christina OW

A man obsessed, a mysterious women with amnesia, and a murderer.

After a hot weekend with a mysterious woman, Damien Chan did not expect to get a frightened phone call from her, begging him to save–what? who? The call is cut before she says it. The next thing he knows, he’s become obsessed with finding her and saving her from the man that had led to their first meeting. But he never expected to find her in his cousin Dale Carson’s house… as his wife!
She finds out her nightmares are actually memories of her past life… the life of a murderer. Could she truly be the deranged Ellsa Jabari who’d almost added her own sister Ellie to the list of people she’s killed?
Amnesia can be a real bitch!

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Christina OW writes suspense, thrillers, erotica, interracial and multicultural romance books. She is the author of Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Regency Romance books and a poet of currently 3 titles. She loves reading novels that take her on a ride of wild emotions. Books have always been an escape for her, for a few hours she gets to live the lives of characters she grows to cherish and admire. She's always had an active imagination and because of it has lived in her head more than she has been in the outside world. She always imagined scenarios and wondered how they would turn out in the end, and what kind of emotions they would invoke. Thus began her writing career.

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Here is an excerpt from the book.

His lips spread in a beaming smile that reached his wide brown eyes. And yet again she was hit with a sense of familiarity. DJ eyes suddenly grew saucer wide and his smile was face splitting.

Daddy!” he yelled, making her ears ring for a second. He wiggled vigorously in her arms, effectively slipping out of her hold. She’d barely lowered him to the ground when he pulled away and took off running behind her.

DJ!” she yelled, turning to chase after him. She froze.

Tasha watched as DJ launched himself at a man and the stranger quickly caught him, coming out of his own stupor. She watched them speak, DJ so animatedly and the stranger cautious, with a ghost of a smile on his lips, though his eyes still held surprise. His eyes roamed DJ’s face questioningly and then it was like a light bulb went on in his head and he quickly turned to look at her. His eyes, his gaze on her made her gasp and she took a step back. God, she only wished she knew why, or remembered why! Even more, she wished she knew the revelation he’d just come upon because she sure as hell wanted to know what was going on. Why did she feel so hot under his gaze? Why didn’t she feel even the slightest twinge of fear as the stranger carried her son? And why did her son call him daddy? The stranger looked just as surprised as she did by DJ’s claim.

What was Tom keeping from her?

The moment the man took his first step to her, she suddenly felt the fear that was absent flood into her. She took several steps back until her back slammed into her SUV. The stranger stopped right in front of her and if it wasn’t for DJ he would have pressed up against her, she was sure of it.

How’ve you been, Victoria Secret?” he asked with a breathy whisper.

What?” she whizzed out. Why the hell did he make her feel so breathless and light-headed?

It’s Daddy, Momma. Don’t worry, I already told him you don’t remember anything. You didn’t remember me until I reminded you, right Momma?”

Not looking away from the stranger’s swirly brown eyes she muttered, “Right, DJ.”

The stranger turned his head slightly toward her son, but he too never broke eye contact. “DJ, what’s that stand for?”

Little hands slapped onto his shadowed cheeks then forcefully turned his head. Tasha looked at DJ too.

How do you not know that?” DJ accused. “It’s a nickname for Damien Junior or Damien James.”

Something flickered in the stranger's eyes before he smiled broadly making Tasha’s heart stutter. That’s where she knew the smile came from. And those swirly browns… she’d been looking at him for five minutes and now was when it hit her. She looked between the two and her breath caught in her throat—dear God!

No, no! DJ truly wasn’t Tom’s son.

Of course I didn’t forget—Damien James Chan.”

DJ’s proud grin matched the strangers, “Just like you.”

Yeah, just like me, except for one thing. James is your grandpa’s name, your momma’s daddy.”

Those words rang in Tasha’s ears and she felt herself slide down the SUV, her vision filling with dark spots and finally, complete darkness.

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blog Tour: The White River Killer by Stephen M Wilson

Who is up for a murder mystery? Get ready to take a look into this great thrilling book.

John Riley Hubbard is a young farmer and part-time reporter in a small southern town. After the body of an Arab college student is found near his home, Hubbard reluctantly agrees to cover the grisly story for the local paper. When he discovers there is a surprising link from this crime to his father’s unsolved murder, he becomes obsessed with uncovering the killer’s identity. Since he was a child, Hubbard has been haunted by nightmares and suspicions that his father’s killer may be the man closest to him – his wealthy uncle.

As his investigation progresses, he must face mounting threats from an unseen adversary and managed his growing attraction to Maria, a young Latino woman who might be part of the conspiracy.

The White River Killer is an exciting mixture of mystery, romance, and suspense.

Make sure to pick up your copy of the book.



Stephen Wilson is an American author. His first book was, "Harvey Couch - An Entrepreneur Brings Electricy to Arkansas", published in 1986 by August House publishers. He also has won awards for his screenplays which have been presented by the Writer's Workshop program at the American Film Institute. His latest work, "The White River Killer" was developed as part of the Summer Words program at the Aspen Institute.

All right, here is where I crack my knuckles and get to writing, because this is a very jam-packed book. 

I think the best part of this story is that it makes you ask questions. Every good book makes you ask questions. What's going on? Who is who? How do they relate to the story? What's going to happen next? Stephen M Wilson is a master at making the reader ask questions.

John Riley, the main character, is a very well developed character, with fears, flaws, and desires. He also has a past that keeps haunting him, especially when it comes to the death of his father. But when he's asked to cover the story of a grisly murder, all those ghosts he's tried to bury come back to haunt him. Honestly, I wouldn't be in his shoes for the world, but he does make a very compelling main character.

Mr. Wilson paints a vivid landscape for his murder mystery thriller. There is just enough detail so that you know exactly what to envision, but not too much that you can't insert your own ideas of what things look like. And he does an excellent job of creating the mood, especially tension. I was on the edge of my seat almost the entire time.

Like any good book, I think the touch of romance was nice. I would, personally, love to see how that romance develops, and think that there might be further adventures for this young man, maybe as an investigative reporter? I wouldn't mind ready any sequels Mr. Wilson chooses to write.

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