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Book Blitz: Finding Your Happiness by Candy O'Donnell

Candy O’Donnell lives in California.
At the age of twelve, she wrote her first mini book, filled mostly with what took place with her mother and her long tedious bout with leukemia. It was a short story told as extra credit when she suffered a sprained ankle and had to be out of school for over two months. School officials refused to believe a word of what she had written until her grandmother, her guardian back then, entered the school with the truth. Everything she had written down was exactly what took place. Unfortunately, her mother succumbed to the disease.
She earned a bachelor’s degree in history and culture. After living with her aunt and uncle for over five years, she wished to explore her uncle’s native heritage, and did so with vigor. She also has grad units in criminal justice.

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 Compassion is within us all, we just need to delve deeper to find it. When we have compassion for ourselves, everyone else falls into place. Understand how to be compassionate toward yourself and those around you.

 How does one discover happiness?

After long bouts of unhappiness, I discovered something buried within me. What I kept buried deep inside me was joy and happiness. At times I did not deeply love myself and others, I did not love with compassion, or see myself as one with others. Unhappiness stems from our pain and suffering, but we can let go of unhappiness. This journey is not easy and after digging through the pain and fear, I found happiness.


The deeper we go into who we are, the easier it is to find our passion. A passion is anything we love doing, celebrating, or hold near and dear to our heart. Do what you love. Your passion can be anything creative!

Let's take a look in to Finding Your Compassion!


When we water the seed of compassion, something miraculous takes place as love grows to greater heights and we find ourselves having compassion not only for those around us, but for any living thing.
 And a few fun Facts about these books!

1) I wanted to write these short books to enlighten others minds about how to discover what has been hidden within each of us.
2) Each brought out something different within me, and I wanted to share this with others.
3) I personally enjoyed writing these short books for others. After hearing from readers how much information is within each, they feel the need to re-read them numerous times.
4) Non-fiction is one of the genres I will be writing more of and it is my desire for others to learn more about their Happiness, Passion, and Compassion!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cover Reveal: An Ordinary Knight by H.L. Burke

An Ordinary Knight

Now available for pre-order, a new Tween Fairy Tale in the spirit of Ella Enchanted and The Goose Girl. Click below to pre-order on Amazon.

A Note From Author H. L. Burke

Debuting on November 9th, An Ordinary Knight will be on a special pre-order price of 99 cents! 
This piece is very near to my heart as an author. This is actually one of my older stories, written well before my currently published books. As a new adult struggling with loneliness, I asked myself, "Well, what is the love story I really want to have?" and from that desire sprang a story of a knight who isn't flashy, isn't particularly "charming," but who has the qualities I so desperately wanted in a life partner: loyalty, honor, kindness. Because while super-human characters are fun to imagine, what really makes a character extraordinary are often the very ordinary things.
I was lucky enough to find my one true love shortly after writing this piece. We're coming up on our 9th anniversary this year, and my Marine is every inch the Knight I was looking for. 

I've now polished up this dream of a perfect knight to share with my readers, and I'm so excited to share it with you.

A Fairy Cursed Fable

The Knight and the Fugitive Princess/Knight Less-Charming/Charming Quest: Fairy Cursed Fables book One (still up in the air about that title)...
Stuck in a humiliating position as the Royal Kennel Guard, Sir Percy sees little hope for anything other than an obscure fate. After all, in the Kingdom of Ithelia, you need a fairy to guide you to greatness, and fairies just don't bother with knights like him.
However, when Percy catches the eyes of the sheltered Princess Matilda, his world expands in new and frightening ways. 
A victim of an ill-planned Christening, Matty has spent her life in a locked tower, hiding from pixie attacks. Now she'll do anything to escape. And if that means dragging Percy along for a cross country search for Prince Charming, so be it.
But not all Prince Charmings are what they seem, and as Matty's plight grows more desperate, Percy finds himself losing his heart. Does a lowly knight have what it takes to uncurse a princess?

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Monday, October 12, 2015

New Release: Beneath Claire's House, by Corey J. Popp

Just in time for Halloween, from debut author Corey J. Popp, comes a young adult, supernatural thriller that will keep readers guessing until its shocking conclusion.

Sixteen-year-old Claire Young is tormented by a recurring, prophetic nightmare and visitations from gruesome, mutilated ghosts. She's convinced the apparitions intend to harm her widowed father, but there's little she can do locked away in Saint Thomas Psychiatric Hospital. Her situation is hopeless until a mysterious priest delivers the name of a man who may be the only one willing to help. Claire launches a daring scheme that leads her and her best friend to a former paranormal investigator.

But the matter is complicated by Claire's own father. Convinced his daughter is schizophrenic, he'll send Claire back to Saint Thomas permanently if he discovers she’s still clinging to her delusions. Claire and her friends must tread lightly to complete the investigation, but amid bizarre twists and chilling encounters, she’ll discover her home's basement is hiding something far more sinister than just ghosts.

And now for a bit about the author.

Corey J. Popp began writing technology and human interest articles for Gannett Company following the 2008 stock market crash and recession. Initially rebuked by the editor due to budget constraints, Corey offered him an article at no cost in exchange for a byline. The article was immediately published as a feature, and, over the next two years, Corey went on to sell and publish articles in various Gannett publications throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

In 2010, Corey transitioned to fiction and began work on his first novel, Beneath Claire's House. Corey is a member of the Wisconsin Writers Association, and he holds two undergraduate degrees in information technology--a convenient education in the world of independent, digital publishing. Check him out online at Website
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Here's a little snippet:

He set the old, iron toolbox down in the hall near the basement door, swung open the lid, and removed a hammer and screwdriver. Placing the tip of the screwdriver under the lowest hinge of the basement door, he began to tap out the hinge pin with the hammer.
“The door opens outward,” Spencer said. “As long as the hinges are on this side, that padlock can’t stop us.”
Spencer tapped out the remaining two hinges. Afterwards, the two men shook and wiggled the basement door until they secured an opening large enough for everyone to fit through, including Cooper. The padlock remained firmly attached in the upper corner of the door, acting like a new, yet makeshift hinge.
“Grab the stuff,” Spencer told Cooper.
Cooper nodded and headed for the dining room. I stepped toward the edge of the stairway and peered into the ominous passage. A cool, gentle, almost indiscernible puff of cool air brushed past my skin. Five narrow, slatted steps led down to a small wooden landing where a decaying dead women stood staring back at me.
Horror plundered the air from my lungs. I sighed deeply then said, “There’s a ghost here.”
Emma froze, becoming abruptly slack-jawed and glass-eyed. Spencer looked around as if he stood a chance of seeing the apparition. “Where, Claire?” he asked.
“On the landing. Five steps down.”
Spencer gave a quick tug on a chain hanging just inside the doorway. A dim bulb cast a dull, yellow light onto the dark, stone walls of the staircase.
Spencer surveyed the staircase and landing. “Do you see it, Emma?”
“No,” Emma said, her voice as soft as a breath.
His speech steady and commanding, Spencer said, “Tell me what you see, Claire. Describe the apparition to me.”
I choked down the fear caught in my throat. I allowed Spencer’s mettle to buoy my own courage. “Her skin is thin and white. I can see through it; her bones; her organs. Her heart’s not beating.”
“Stay calm. She’s trying to communicate with you visually. It’s the only method she knows right now. She may not be trying to scare you.”
The statement was absurd. “If she’s not trying to scare me, she’s failing miserably.”
“Can you see her eyes?”
“What color are they?”
“Not her eyeballs. What color are the irises?”
“She’s coming up the stairs,” I said, my voice trembling.
Emma muttered something I couldn’t distinguish.
Spencer’s voice returned stern and confident. “Steady, Claire. This is important.”
“She’s having trouble on the stairs. She’s missing her left foot. She’s walking on a stump. She’s gurgling. I think, I think she wants to kill me.”
Spencer’s unyielding hand clutched my upper arm. “I won’t let that happen.”
“We’re face to face, now. I can smell her. She’s—” I gagged on her putrid smell. “She’s rotting.”
“What color are her eyes, Claire?”
Through the thickness of the terror enveloping me, I peered into the bloodshot, yellow abyss of the dead woman’s eyeballs. I mentally peeled away her stench like the layers of a rotten onion. When the dead woman tipped her head to the side, I found, somewhere through the haze of death and hatred peering back at me, the information Spencer wanted.
“They’re green. Her eyes are green.”
I felt bile rise in my throat. I became dizzy. I heard someone call my name, and my knees buckled.

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Cover Reveal: Ties That Bind by Debbie White

 Let's get to know Debbie White

Debbie currently resides in beautiful Sonoma County, California, where the jagged Pacific coastline meets the rolling hills cascading with vineyards. She writes romance novellas that feature strong, independent women, who when faced with adversity, or tragedy, fine strength and overcome the perils that stand in their way. She’s an avid supporter of animal rescue, and happily donates a portion of sales from her books to rescue organizations. She has two adult children, and two granddaughters. In her spare time, she loves to garden, travel; enjoy family, and her beloved rescue dogs, Dash and Briar. Her real passion of course is writing, and she uses her 20+ years as a military wife as inspiration for her stories. The Salty Dog takes places in Bodega, a small fishing community she has the pleasure of visiting often. The project she is currently working on involves travel to exotic and foreign places, another area she has experience.

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Ties That Bind is one woman’s journey on the path to self-discovery as she puts the pieces of her past together.  Pat always knew she was adopted; she was reminded of it daily. What she didn’t know was the depth of the cover-up. With her private investigator husband, Charles, the couple takes off from California to Iowa to uncover the deep, dark secrets that have plagued her for more than half her life. Her journey to find out the truth exposes a more meaningful discovery giving Pat the peace she always yearned for.

And now for the moment you have been waiting for 
 The Cover!

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